• There are no boundaries
    There are no boundaries

    When it is time, God’s word will come to pass. It does not matter what has opposed…

Woman To Woman

  • Woman is Ezer Cenegdo
    Woman is Ezer Cenegdo

    God’s calling for a woman is not dependent on her marital state but on God alone.  Woman…

    • Resting in God’s Peace

      Have you ever felt like the whole world is on your shoulders? Restless, unsure, fearful, hopeless, helpless,…

Heart To Heart

Business Women

    • Mentoring: Amanda Mbanga

      When God says Yes nobody can say NO. And business woman, Amanda Mbanga is living proof of…

    • Mentoring: Xoli Madlala

      The journey to discovering your call comes in different ways. For Xoli Madlala the call was a…

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